Arab World Analysis: The Blog and Website of Kirk Sowell

My own personal Arab world guru, Kirk Sowell (who also happens to be my older brother...lucky him), has started to blog. He has some very interesting stuff to say about the Arab world that most American’s just don’t get to hear. He describes himself as follows:

"I am an Arabist, author and specialist in Middle Eastern affairs. My first book, The Arab World: An Illustrated History, was published earlier this year by Hippocrene Books. I have an undergraduate degree in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Texas in Austin, a law degree from Cornell, and have studied at the University of Jordan in Amman, Jordan."

What will the blog entries be about?

"Expect that a majority of the blogs will involve something portrayed in the Arab media that I think you might not have seen on English-language televsion."

Can get that many places, can you!?! The name of his blog is "Window on the Arab World, and More!" and I highly recommend visiting and adding to your daily intake of blog content.

I also recommend his website, In particular I recommend his essay "Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Terrorism and the al-Qaeda Network: An Overview of the Evidence", to which you will find a link on the Articles and Book Reviews page.