If you go to you will find exactly nothing. But you will at some point. I don’t know how I heard of these guys, but I filled out a survey for them a few weeks back, which resulted in a free book. I don’t know if they’re still trying to survey folks, but they might be. If you follow the link you’ll see a couple of email addresses. They want to provide an online service, sort of a one-stop-shop for all of your scholarly needs. Hopefully they’ll put up a great site. And if they end up having good deals on books, I’ll have to make a point of buying a book from them just to thank them for giving me one for free. If you email them, please tell them The Coding Humanist sent you. Maybe they’ll give me discounts!

The book I got was Joshua to Chronicles: An Introduction by Antony F. Campbell, published by WJK press. I’ve read some of the introduction, but I really can’t tell if it is any good or not. Hopefully it will be.