First SBL Night

I arrived in San Antonio about 9:30. I sat in the lobby for about 20 min., then the BSF folks got back from dinner and the discussions began.

Pretty interesting, of course, though I can’t really tell you much. But that is to be expected :)

The only noteworthy thing that happened that I can talk about is something that happened pre-SBL. On the trip I saw a sign that just really made me angry. It said something like this (paraphrasing since I apparently blocked the exact wording from my mind due to anger):

"Drop the porn,
Instead be reborn."
Jesus, John 6:?

Okay. Who is this supposed to appeal to? "Oh, they put up a sign that rhymed. I think I’ll repent." Give me a break. Most unbelievers probably think what I do when I pass signs like it; these people are idiots. Really. Stuff like this only makes Christianity look cheesy. It makes it look Christianity’s strength is in stupid billboards. This makes the church look stupid. And this doesn’t even take into account the issue of making a stupid statement like this and assigning our Lord’s name to it. Please don’t do this any more. Aaarrrgghhhh!

But tomorrow will be a new day. And a full one. Will report tomorrows non-confidential happenings when our last night meeting is over. It is now 1:30 and time to go to bed.