SBL, Night 3

Today was not quite as eventful as yesterday, though it was still enjoyable and I got to meet some nice new people.

The first was Roger Omanson of the United Bible Societies. He spent most of his time talking to Hall, though I did get to show him the NET GEMS demo.

A Cambridge University Press guy came by this morning pretty earlier and had lots of interesting things to say. Most significant was a discussion of the KJV. Apparently the "galley proofs" for the 1611 KJV were found and they’re planning on publishing an "original" KJV, along with a companion volume describing the textual history of the KJV. Pretty cool. This will undoubtedly make lots of KJV-only folks rather upset.

Next was a very good discussion with a fellow named Robert Milliman, a prof at Cederville U. Got to show him a demo of the NET GEMS project. He was very encouraging, and I enjoyed talking to him quite a bit.

I then got a complete suprise visit from one of the project directors of the Online Critical Pseudepigrapha, Ken Penner, which I have blogged about before. This is a great project. Anyway, I got to talk to him for quite a while. I very much enjoyed it, and it was good to meet you, Ken.

I later snagged Kirk Lowery to talk about syntactical markup standards, xml, and OSIS. We had a good discussion as well. They’re going to be working towards a language neutral syntactical markup standard and I am very interested in this. I’m hoping we can be very involved.

Later I was finally able to track down Stephan Pfann, based on the recommendation of Hall. Pfann has been doing some excavation work in Qumran and does a ton of work on the Dead Sea Scrolls. We had a nice, but short, conversation about the scrolls and how to get into studying them more in depth.

I got back to the booth, however, and was sad to learn that James Dunn had come by in my absence. Bummer to have missed him.

Throughout the day we were blessed with other random people as well, like Dan Wallace and Darrell Bock. Good to see them around, though I didn’t really get a chance to talk to them.

After the day of selling the new NA27/NET diglot we went to eat at a local Italian restaurant. Very good. Rather expensive. But, I didn’t have to pay, so I loved it!

I took a break from a meeting to come make this entry. I should probably go back down to the lobby and continue my long night. Maybe later tonight I’ll be able to make an entry about my book purchases. I’ve got some good stuff...