SBL, Evening, Day 4

Today was a very exciting day. I got to talk to lots of interesting people.

Of course, the day began early. Once I got to the exhibition hall I got to start talking more about NET GEMS.

My first demo was to Joel Green, professor at Asbury and editor of the Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels. Enjoyed talking to him and he had some complementary things to say.

A little later I. Howard Marshall dropped by, though I didn’t get a chance to talk to him myself. Bummer.

My next demo was for Donald Hagner, author of a few NT commentaries. He gave us some nice encouraging words on the project, which is always appreciated.

My next interesting encounter was while I was trying to help the economy by shopping for books. I ran into one of my old college profs, Stephen Wyrick. I got to talk to him a little, but I’m hoping he’ll get to drop by the booth tomorrow. I hope to talk to him again.

Then I gave a demo to Erik Heen of Lutheran Theological Seminary. Nice comments...yes I know you’re tired of hear that.

Hall and I were finally able to meet up with Mike and Mike from Bibleworks to talk about the NET GEMS project and some of their current work. Can’t, of course, give any details here. BTW, Bibleworks rocks.

My next exciting NET GEMS demo was for the famous Douglas Moo. We had a pretty long demo and he was exceptionally encouraging. Certainly glad he dropped by. And as a side note, I never figured he would be as tall as he is.

I think my final demo was for Frank Theilman of Beeson. He was very positive about the project and encouraged us in a few ways that we could increase the quality of the project. I’ll say more about that later. But, thanks mucho Frank.

We had a very nice dinner afterwards in the hotel restaurant. The most exciting part of the dining experience were our special guests, who I could only tell you about if I wanted the NET folks to kill me :). Sorry about the secrecy, Tim. But I hope to be able to speak freely on this in the coming months. Other special guests included Darrell Bock and Dan Wallace, the last of which gave us and our special guests a nice demo about some of the work CSNTM had done recently.

Afterwards a small group of us went and smoked cigars. And then my day drew to a close. Now I’m blogging and will be looking at a couple of my really cool books before I collapse in exhaustion.