SBL purchases and commentary, Part 1

I saw lots of super cool books while at SBL, and was even able to buy some!

Dead Sea Scrolls

Perhaps the most interesting of these to me is the Brill volume. It is in a series that I haven’t seen before. Each volume is done in a diglot fashion, with Hebrew/Aramaic on the left and an English translation on the right. It is very similar to the DSS Study Edition co-published with Eerdmans in that respect, though the translations are different, which is why I bought the volume. The series is arranged by topics, where each volume groups DSS texts. The groups are as follows: Texts Concerned with Religious Law, Exegetical Texts, Parabiblical Texts, Calendrical and Sapiental Texts, Poetic and Liturgical Texts, Additional Genres and Unclassified Texts.


I was so happy to get Porter’s dissertation, and for only $25! I thought that was a steal. And the second looks interesting as well. As you might have guessed, the last two are part of a new series by Baylor University Press. Each volume is a word by word, clause by clause analysis of the Greek NT. This is obviously very interesting to someone of my interests! These are the only two volumes currently available.

Random Books

I’ve never interacted in depth with Eastern Orthodoxy (just a little reading and some notes in my Christian history books), so I decided to get a Galatians commentary by an Eastern Orthodox fellow just to see a little about how they think. The last volume is also published by the same Eastern Orthodox press. Everything else just seems pretty interesting, or had a lot to do with one of my major interests (inter-testamental Judaism and the formation of early Christianity).

I’ve got a few more that got packed in the booth’s moving van. I won’t get that for a few days. I’ll post about those then.