Taking the mono plunge

Well, I did it. I finally installed mono, created a Glade# project in Visual Studio, and ran the default form. So I have officially created my first rudimentery mono gui gtk# application.

It was also rather easy to do. If you want to do the same, here is how I did it.

First, I downloaded the Windows mono installer from the mono site and installed it.

Second, I downloaded the gtk# installer from Novell and installed it.

Third, I opened up Visual Studio .NET (2003), created a new Glade# C# application, changed a few settings as is discussed here.

Fourth, built and ran it. Cool.

What I was surprised about: First, it was incredibly easy to setup. Second, the gui for a gtk# program is all held in xml, and in this case in the default file gladesharp1.glade.

Disappointments: Only one, that there is no drag-n-drop forms designer for gtk# in VS, but this is no surprise.

So, all in all, getting started wasn’t much of a problem. We’ll see how things progress from here.