New Interpreters Dictionary of the Bible

Well, since others such as Jim and Jim are mentioning their contributions to the NIDB, I figured I would also share what I’m contracted to write:

Mandrake Soup (Recipe)

This last entry should be particularly interesting. The editors chose me because of my ground-breaking theories on the subject. I have argued offline for years that the story of the flood has been changed over time to hide the fact that the God flooded the world for the sake of Noah, because everyone was beginning to join circuses and Noah had a very severe case of coulrophobia. It hasn’t made it into the scholarly journals yet, but give it time. I’ve also thought of making the idea widespread by appealing to a mass audience through fictional novel writing. After all, if LaHaye and Jenkins can popularize a worse chunk of theology that way, why can’t I?


Xander Sherry 2005-04-13 10:48:00

LOL! If you can get that novel published, I’ll buy a copy. Not only that, but I’ll buy a copy for each of my family members as Christmas presents.