The Coding Humanist Is Busy

Not that I’m complaining. Actually, everything is going quite well. It just takes a lot of time. Work is taking up a little extra time, but selling my house and, now, finding a new one, is killing my time.

Yes, we’re moving. Somewhere around 190 and 78 on the north-east side of Garland, in Garland, Sachse, or Wylie. If you have any tips, I’m all ears.

Yes, we have a contract on our house already. We’re only three days from the end of the option period, so it’s almost a done deal. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard from those buying to see what they want changed. This is a little worrisome. But, they only have a few days. I hope it’s not an indication that they don’t want to buy. But we’ll see.

We were supposed to go look at houses today, but our realtor was not feeling well. But, we’re going out tomorrow, I’m pretty sure. So, I’m hoping that part of the process will be as nice as the selling has been.