House Search, Day 1

We visited about ten homes today from 5-7 pm in the 75040 area near 190 and 78, NE Garland.

We both really like the area. Lots of really nice houses. Couldn’t find any that we could use today, but lots of possibilites. We want to hit the area again to see if we see anything.

Great for a commute. It took less than 15 minutes to get from work to the exit there at 190 and 78 in rush hour. Not bad. Rush hour on Dallas North Tollway and 635 means an hour quite often. This is a HUGE improvement. Maybe we’ll find something there.

Found one house that we really liked a whole lot. It only had one problem. No place for a study. That is definitely not an option. We found two more that were mediocre, and all the others were not even close. The first two were actually the worst. The houses were a complete mess, and both were clearly in bad shape. Not the thing to do if you’re selling your house.

We’re going out again in a couple of days. Maybe we’ll find our perfect little home.