Good Book Day

So I went to half price books today and picked up some nice stuff. Mentioned in the order in which they are stacked on my desk...

The Odyssey of Homer, translation of the Odyssey by Richmond Lattimore. $3.
Loeb, Plato’s Theaetetus and Sophist. $6.
The Pastoral Epistles, Tyndale NT series, by Donald Guthrie. $4.
Homeri Ilias, Vol II (a really nice edition of the Greek text of Homer’s Iliad with lots of TC stuff), by T.W. Allen. $13.
Primitive Christianity in its Contemporary Setting by Rudolf Bultmann. $6.
The Letter To Philemon, Anchor Bible series, by Joseph A. Fitzmyer. $5.
The chance to look at a lot of books...priceless.
For everything else, there’s my Mastercard, which expires in two days.

As you can see, a good book day. I’ve already started on Bultmann’s book.


Jim 2005-05-29 04:06:00

Bultmann for $6.... Excellent! Worth 10 times that I assure you.

Your Bultmannian friend,