New House, Baby...

Things are moving right along in regard to house buying and selling. We are closing on our house on the 8th of September. We just learned this morning that those selling the house we wanted to buy accepted our first offer, and we will be closing on it the 9th. Woohoo!

This weekend I pack. We rented one of those pod moving things ( It is 8 foot wide and tall, and 16 foot in length. Should be able to put lots of stuff in it. Today I’m packing the study, which is a very slow process. You’ve got to be very meticulous when it comes to packing your books. Otherwise they’ll get damaged in transit, and you can’t have that!

The best thing about this new house (and you would get a very different answer from my wife) is that my study is going to be about four times as big as my current study, maybe even a little bigger. That, frankly, just rocks. This should give me more than enough bookshelf wall space for quite a while. Now I need to figure out how I’m going to make it a super-cool study room. Thoughts are welcome.

The room itself will be a converted two-car garage. It is about 20'x20' (I thought it was sure looked like it), so that’s the size I get to deal with. I’m thinking wood floors of some type. Hopefully I’ll have half of the walls covered with bookshelves. That leaves me with two walls. What to do with those? If you think you have a really cool study, and if you don’t mind, post your picture on your blog or email it to me. I need inspiration!

This whole process has been incredibly time consuming. Hopefully things will slow down a little soon. And hopefully we won’t find something wrong with the house during the option period.


Kirk H. Sowell 2005-08-26 06:49:00

When your brother moves away from Houston, there will be six bookshelves you can inherit. I actually think I got a couple of them from you. I just bought another one of those good, collapsable, no-assembly-required bookshelves, and so I have five of those I’ll be keeping. This gives me eleven bookshelves; I’m totally out of wall space, but at least I have space for my books!