Pure Design

I’m a coder. There’s no way you could mistake my work with that of a real designer. I don’t mix and match colors easily. I don’t create awesome layouts that make people ooh and ah. Sometimes I make something and it just looks crummy. But, hey, if you want me to build something that does something, whether or not it looks good...that I can do.

Nevertheless, I do occassionally try to work on this design deficiency. One such attempt was the purchase of pure design by Mario Garcia. Mario has been involved in the redesign of multiple newspapers, and seems to have done well for himself in this design arena. So, I decided to buy the book on a whim.

It wasn’t too expensive, only $24.95, but I’m not sure if I would recommend buying it. It’s not that it was worthless. It just didn’t seem incredibly helpful, though I really found some things he said useful. Of course, this is a review coming from someone who isn’t particularly graphically talented. Instead of buying it, try to find it at a local library or something. It is a quick read, so it won’t take up too much of your time.