Greek Class #2

We had our second Greek class last night. It went well, though I need to get more feedback on the particulars of the grammar and how it is working for the students. I’ll have to talk to them about that more in the future.

There are two things that hit me pretty strongly this week about why I’m really glad I’m writing this grammar. It has two really nice advantages.

First and foremost, I can pace the material better. When I taught the class last time using Mounce I frequently had to combine chapters every week because we only met once a week. Sometimes this worked very well, sometimes it was a bad combination, either having too little or too much material. But now I’m not contrained to this, and I like that a great deal.

Second, I like being able to organically weave various elements together into the text. Though the chapters are still focused on particular topics (second declension nouns, present verbs, etc.), I am able to introduce extra material that is important but does not itself warrant a separate chapter.

All in all, I’m enjoying, despite the vast amount of time it takes.