Alexander and the Military Channel

So I was flipping through my plethora of new stations last night and saw a pretty good show. It was on Alexander the Great and his conquests.

As far as content was concerned, it was pretty nicely done. Quite entertaining. If they were accurate, Alexander was indeed a brilliant tactician. Lots of interesting information on their tactics and weapons.

As far presentation was concerned, I would give it a ‘C’. The program’s info could have been boiled down to about 20 minutes. Apparently they had to fill an hour. There were a good number of commercials, and they spent several minutes repeating scenes from earlier segments after every commercial. Review is good when teaching, but this was way excessive.

If you’re interested in this sortof thing, I recommend it. Good show.

Of course, if you record it with your DVR, you can wait until part of it is recorded to start watching it so you can fast forward through the commercials, even while it’s recording ahead of you. Such a sweet feature...