Tech in the East

The geek can’t have quite the life he’s used to when he visits a third world country. But, I did notice some interesting things.

  1. A newspaper I read, I think it was in Bangkok, had a tech section (about 8 pages long) called "Database". It was geekier than what I’m used to over here. It even had an article on the different types of sql joins...quite a surprise.
  2. I was slightly bummed when I heard that Vista was slipping again in the above mentioned newspaper. I get here and find out that this isn’t really happening. They’re still planning on RTM’ing this month. I thought that was interesting.
  3. Connections in internet cafes there are slooooooooooowwwww. But I guess that is to be expected. It took gmail several minutes to actually download and display. It was nice to see the "Windows Server System" poster on the wall. It was like a little bit of the homeland.
  4. I even saw a sign advertising MCP training. I tried to get a picture. I think I missed. I’ll have to look through my photos from my first day to see if I can find it.