First Post

Welcome to the blog. I have decided, once again, to split my blogging of tech and biblical studies. I did this briefly for a while but did not like the split. I am, after all, one person. Shouldn’t I just have one blog?

That sounds right, but it really doesn’t make sense. The two audiences (big or small) would rarely overlap, so anyone who was subscribed might get annoyed because they had to ignore all posts not related specifically to what they are looking for. So, I’m doing it again.

This blog is for my thoughts and research in the field of biblical studies and early Christianity. I did this before at my old blog on Blogspot, as well as at my other blog, The Coding Humanist, which is to become my tech and personal blog. In a way I am really getting back to what some people term "biblioblogging", because my blogging on the topics of this blog have been rare over the last year or so.

Anyway, that’s it for my obligatory first post. Rock on...