I Am Spidermaninja

The other night I was sitting with my family at the table and there was a fly that kept flying around. My daughter kept going on and on saying things like "Goway Bug!" (trans., "Go away bug!"), and asking over and over, "Hur mommy?" (trans., "Will the fly hurt mommy?"), "Hur daddy?" (trans., "Will the fly hurt daddy?"), "Hur Nanner?" (trans. "Will the fly hurt Jonathan?"), and "Hur Abby?" (trans. "Will the fly hurt me?"). She likes to cycle through the list of everyone at the table when a bug comes flying around.

It was at this point I sprung into action. Remember that scene from Karate Kid when Daniel grabbed a fly with chopsticks? Well, I was sitting there and the fly flew behind me. As the fly came back around I used what must have been my spider sense as it flew from behind my head, reached out, and in one attempt grabbed the fly out of mid-air, thereby saving my family from further anguish.

No, it wasn't luck. I'm Spidermaninja.

Fear me.