Book Notes: Web Standards Creativity by Cameron Adams, Mark Boulton, et al.

Characteristics: (where 1 is bad and 5 is superb)

  • Interestingness: 2
  • Subject Matter: 4
  • Organization: 3
  • Binding: 4
  • Writing Quality: 3

Web Standards Creativity is a case-study book, explaining how 10 web gurus programmed using standards and still came up with some really cool sites. Not all of the names were familiar to me, but some were. If you read in the css design space you will probably recognize some of the names as well.

The paper and color in the book are great. Designs books without color are usually a lot less helpful than they could be. I did find some beneficial info in a number of the chapters, though the only one that sticks out in my mind a month after reading it is the chapter by Cameron Adams called "Creating Dynamic Interfaces Using Javascript", and that is probably only because I employed some of the techniques there in the blog. I do not know what that tells you. Maybe that means that chapter was the only one I really liked. I think it is more likely that it tells you I have a bad memory. My subconscious memory is killer, so I can usually pull up whatever I need when I need it, but ask me to recall on the spot and you just might see a deer in the headlights look. If you know me, do not feel like you need to test this...

I have a general aversion to case-study-type books, which is probably why I did not end up caring for this one all that much. If you have the same, then do not buy this book. Some of the content certainly is good, but personally I found too much of the book uninteresting to recommend it to highly.

By on Amazon: Web Standards Creativity: Innovations in Web Design with XHTML, CSS, and DOM Scripting