Bloggin' SBL 08 - Part 2

Thankfully, the rest of the trip was without incident. I got on my plane and arrived in Boston on time. I then promptly checked into my room and got that hot shower that I had been needing. Then I tried to find a steak. After walking up and down Boylston several times (in 30 degree weather in high winds) without finding the Mortons I had heard was down there somewhere, I went to Smith and Wollensky and had that really nice birthday steak. And it was a good steak, though not as good as Papas Bros. They were nice enough to also bring me a birthday desert. Of course I just blew much of my food budget with that one meal, but I have a supply of pop tarts, snickers and chips to help keep the food cost down over the next few days :)

Now I am back in my room ready to snooze. I need to get plenty of rest; my mind needs to be totally sharp when I do my book browsing!

So tomorrow the presentations begin. I am very excited. Woot!