A Look at Codex 037

I am not sure if I have looked at codex GA 037, a.k.a codex Δ before. If I haven’t, well, I have now. Bob Relyea pointed out on the TC newsgroup today that it is now available online. This is a part of the e-codices website, which you can see here. This particular manuscript can be found here. I am not entirely sure that this citation format is acceptable to the website owners (you can see the terms here) but I’ll change it if they want. Many thanks to them, though, for putting the manuscript online!

The snippet below is from image 133 and is the first few lines of the Gospel of Mark:

As you can see, it is a bi-lingual manuscript. The main text is in Greek with interlinear Latin translation just above the corresponding Greek words. The script itself is pretty readable, though the interlinear nature of it distracts from the reading and collation of it. I do like the little splashes of color thoughout, however.

In terms of text, not counting spelling differences, it departs seven times from the Robinson-Pierpont Majority Text in the first eight verses. The NA27 departs ten times. In a number of significant places they overlap, though there are still some significant differences between 037 and the NA27.

As I just mentioned, there are a number of spelling variations. Some are quite normal, like the itacistic difference of ιεροσολυμειται for ιεροσολυμιται in 1:5. Some are not, like κανος instead of ικανος in 1:7, though that is probably explained by confusion caused by the fact that the word immediately before, ειμι, ends in iota.

Anyway, it is an interesting manuscript. I’m glad it’s on the web!


Chuck Grantham 2008-12-03 10:50:07

Great site! Lots of beautiful manuscripts.

Thanks for the heads up.

Oh, and is collation second nature to you by now?

Eric 2008-12-03 11:13:25

You would think so, but no. Something I came across when collating the NA27 to the RP text made me go "huh...how would I annotate that again?"