CNN's Scream Bloody Murder

Last night I watched our recorded "Scream Bloody Murder" by CNN, a show talking about a few genocides in recent history. The only part I watched was the part about Cambodia and it is worth watching (you can see when it is coming on again at that link above). Perhaps the rest is as well, though I must admit that I don’t enjoy watching shows about genocide.

The place the journalist visited was the same one I went to a few years ago. Without a doubt it is the most disturbing thing I have ever seen. I still have my pictures up on the web here if you are interested. I look at the pictures every once in a while though the images find their way into my mind fairly frequently. Every time I see something awesome that people have done or hear some idiot intellectual talk about the greatness of the human intellect the images of human skulls come back into my head, reminding me that total depravity is true, people are evil and that the most dangerous person is not the thug but the highly-educated and charismatic evil person who rules many a nation or corporation.

On the flight over the east coast going to Boston the other day I was quite literally dumbfounded by the lights of the cities (it was night and I’ve never flown over the east coast). It looked huge, sprawling, advanced and quite beautiful. Then the reminder came into my head again and I remembered that in this area the majority of people are pro-choice and many would support loosening what restrictions remain with attempts like the FOCA. A beautiful landscape lit up by a majority who favor the mass murder of infants lacks it luster. Depravity manifests itself in many forms of murder.

I can’t forget those images and I don’t want to. I believed in total depravity before my visit to Choeung Ek. That visit, though, made it stick in a way that was quite unexpected. If you ever make it over to Cambodia I recommend a visit. See the outcome of man left to his own evil desires.