Byzantine History Podcast

I finished listening to a podcast series yesterday on Byzantine history through a look at the lives of 12 of their rulers. You can find out more information on the podcast here, and can subscribe through iTunes.

I do not know much about Byzantine history, so I cannot critique this guy’s content. I will say that the audio quality is good and the material is very interesting. I recommend it very highly.


Mark 2009-07-01 11:45:45

This is an excellent introduction to the history of Byzantium as seen through the lens of the great man or great leader. The only improvement I would suggest is to mention where we are in time more often. Although I can make an educated guess on the date of great watersheds (Fall of Rome, Attila the Hun, etc.) I couldn’t remember when many of the other events referred to by the narrator took place, and I got a little lost. Otherwise, Bravo!