So Bright, So Beautiful. Ah Precious.

I got something in the mail this week. I’m calling it "my precious". I was as happy when I got it as this guy was when he got his precious:

Here I am. See the look of conquest on my face?

I have wanted this for years. I’ve actually been checking it out off-and-on for years from the DTS library. I have never gone looking for it and found it checked out. So now that you have seen a picture of it. Can you guess? Note that it is blue and really thick; 1568 pages thick? Alright...fine! Here is another hint: it is for Greek.

If you said LSJ, you are wrong. I’ve had that for a while. If you said anything other than Lampe’s Patristic Greek Lexicon, you are also wrong. That’s right. I finally have it. And to think, Eisenbrauns sent this to me after a donation of $292 + $3 shipping. That was very nice of them!

And if you’re wonderning, yes that is a Duke shirt. And no, I didn’t go there. I just dream of it sometimes...


mike 2008-02-18 09:54:36

I want Lampe. I’ve wanted Lampe for years! Sigh...$292 and they still charge shipping...

I wouldn’t have guessed LSJ though. LSJ is over 2000 pages.

Eric 2008-02-18 10:02:51

They actually do have a free shipping option. I just paid the $3 to get it (potentially) a few weeks earlier. 1% for shipping isn’t bad... LSJ is longer, but Lampe is actually a thicker volume. They used better paper...which I appreciate.

Mike 2008-02-18 05:35:10

I’d really like to see Lampe in electronic form at some point. Since I plan on doing Bible translation with Wycliffe, I can’t really afford to have paper copies of such delightfully large books.

I might have to head over to DTS’s library and peruse it for a bit.

Eric 2008-02-19 12:49:55

Yes, it does need to be digitized. As for the DTS copy, I just turned the one in that I had checked out. So, if you have check-out privileges, you can go get it!