Byzantine Liturgy

Ever been to It is an interesting site. My friend Edward pointed it out to me a few weeks ago. Thanks Edward! It is Eastern Orthodox in content, so if you are curious about them, it is a good place to visit. I enjoy some of the podcasts, though I haven’t read much on the site.

My favorite discovery was something I have been wanting to get my hands on for about a year now. Around then I found a recording of the Eastern Orthodox liturgy in Greek, but you could only listen to it on RealPlayer (which I despise). I used Audacity (which I like) to record it so I could listen to it without using RealPlayer, but the quality wasn’t that great. Well, I just happened to run across a CD of it on the site. It was a cd of the recording I had from RealPlayer, so I was very pleased. I got it in the mail yesterday and have listened to it already a couple of times. Very glad to have it.