I Saw Hancock

I’ve been meaning to post about this for over a month now, but I forgot. Now that announcements, questions of awesomeness and whatnot for Hancock are coming out, I figured I should get around to doing this. I’m also going to see Iron Man tonight, so I figured I should blog about this one first since I saw it first.

About a month ago I was given an invite for two to go see a pre-release version of a movie. I was hoping it would be either Iron Man, Indiana Jones, or the next Batman. Unfortunately it wasn’t. It was Hancock. But, since I tend to enjoy moves that I know nothing about beforehand than otherwise, I figured I would enjoy it more.

Maybe I did enjoy it more than I would have, but I didn’t think the movie was all that great anyway. There were definitely some funny moments. The acting was great. It was the story that I thought was really weak. I won’t say anything about it because that would spoil it since you don’t know what’s really going on till over halfway through the movie, so I will just leave it with "I was unimpressed".

Other than the occasional good humor, the best part were the unfinished scenes. So I’m watching the movie and everything is normal, then suddenly everything is computer graphics for 15 seconds! It was kinda cool.

I think it is worth watching, but not really worth going to the theatre unless you’re really into this kind of movie. I am...but I would still wait for the dvd.

I hope Iron Man is better.