Added Site Dictionary

I am lazy try to be efficient with my time. So, I created a dictionary to use on the site. This way I can define what I mean once so I don’t have to be redundant, be pleonastic, or repeat myself. If you see a term that you think I should define that I haven’t yet, please leave me a note. Hope you guys find it useful.


Brett 2008-05-12 02:43:56

You mention "minuscule" means "cursive script."

I wonder if "very small"  or "rather tiny" might be more accurate, since mini-/minus- means "small" and -culus is usually the diminutive suffix. 

And, "cursive" I would think means 'running or flowing (together).' 

I think your definition is correct as far as usage but I'm wondering about the etymology. 


Eric 2008-05-12 08:57:19

Well, Merriam Webster, for example, defines it essentially as either a) a lower-case or small letter or b) "one of several ancient and medieval writing styles developed from cursive and having simplified and small forms". So in English it refers to small letters, or cursive script. If you go back to its roots it probably means what you say it means. So it depends on who you're writing for, modern English-speakers or Latin speakers :)


Of course it's not in common use in modern English, so the appeal to modern English usage is kindof silly!