Busy As Always

Work has been beating me down of late. I have had some time to read and such, but, I must admin, when I am strapped by time and the options are blog or study, study must be my focus. You don’t want me posting thoughtless posts, do you?

I have finished Letis’ book (which I posted on the other day) and will have more to day about that soon, probably tonight or tomorrow. And, of course, I must continue looking into ULF!. Fear not dear reader, things will commence with gusto once again momentarily.

Though I have been doing some reading, It would be miraculous for me to actually finish my April and May Greek goals. I had started the first chapter of Pseudo-Apollodorus’ work but stopped. I’ve picked that up again. I think I’ll just try to continue the same list and finish it by the end of June. Of course I have more planned for this month...more on that later.