Saw The Hulk

...and it was no disappointment. The special effects were good, the plot was good and didn’t have horribly bad sections in it like the last(like the fight with bad), the acting was good, the action sequences were fun. All was good in the world of Hulk!

So how does it rank in relation to the others? Well, my top five before this would be Dark Knight, Spiderman 2, Iron Man, Spiderman 1, and X-Men. Should it knock any of these off of the list? I’d give it a maybe. Great flick!

I kinda wish they would have kept the old actors, but since they were trying to start over that would have probably been a bad idea. The problem last time had nothing to do with the actors; they did great. Of course this time they did great as well. Edward Norton is always good and ranks as one of my favorite actors. Liv Tyler was fine, though I’m not a huge fan.

Anyway, if you’re into comic movies, this is definitely a must see.