What Book Shall I Read?

So I am not sure what book I want to read next. I’ve got several of them picked out that I want to read soon. Instead of deciding for myself, I think I’ll let my faithful readers decide. Whatever I end up reading I will summarize and review for you when I’m finished. So if you’re curious about any of these books, please leave a comment.

  1. On Christian Doctrine, Augustine.
  2. Between Two Worlds, Christoph Markschies.
  3. The First Christian Centuries, Paul McKechnie.
  4. Lost Christianities, Bart Ehrman.
  5. The Text of the New Testament, J. Harold Greenlee.
  6. The Synoptic Problem, Mark Goodacre.
  7. Whose Bible Is It?, Jaroslav Pelikan.
  8. From Dogma to History, William Frend.


Nick Norelli 2008-06-28 10:28:17

Can't go wrong with Pelikan or Ehrman.  They're always fun to read.   Frend's book looks interesting though. 

Eric 2008-06-28 10:30:48

Alrighty. That's 2 1/2 votes. Thanks for dropping in.

Patrick 2008-06-28 10:58:56

Out of those, I'd have to pick Goodacre, Greenlee or Ehrman.  Probably in that order. 

But man, now you've given me a bunch of other books to add to my OWN list!


Eric 2008-06-28 11:05:05

That's three more votes. Looks like Ehrman is in the lead with two... Thanks for dropping in.

Shaun Tabatt 2008-06-28 01:18:43

I'll vote for The Text of the New Testament by J. Harold Greenlee.  He's a dear man that I actually had the opportunity to meet on several occassions when I was in Florida back in 04-05.

Eric 2008-06-28 01:48:55

Greenlee is now neck-and-neck with Ehrman...


Thanks for the input.

dan 2008-06-28 02:41:00


Eric 2008-06-28 02:55:02

Hmmm...three-way-tie. Thanks Dan.

Nathan Stitt 2008-06-28 09:17:28

Wow, I think most of those look pretty interesting. I'd probably go with Ehrman.

2008-06-28 09:41:42

I vote for Augustine.  Why read a recent book when you could read an old one?

Eric 2008-06-28 09:58:32

Anonymous finally gives Augustine a vote, but Nathan puts Ehrman in the lead...

Chuck Grantham 2008-06-28 11:38:52

Ehrman for me. He needs a little love, always being forced to wear that 616 t-shirt and those horns.

Eric 2008-06-29 05:43:40

Well the latest vote (thanks Chuck) makes Ehrman the winner. Thanks to all for voting!

Markus 2008-06-30 12:02:48

I'd go for Ehrman! I just love his books.