So Busy I Have Had To Resort To Scheduling Myself

Perhaps this is sad, but I’m so busy that I’ve decided that I have to schedule myself and make task lists to make sure I don’t forget things and leave things off the calendar that should be on there. In a way it is sad.

But on the other hand, it doesn’t bother me in some ways. There are very few items on the list that I don’t enjoy. My Greek, my reading, my programming, my writing...all great fun. Of course, since I’m always working on more than one project in each category at a time, it makes each project go slower. I suppose its that I like doing too many things too much. Some of these you know about. Some you don’t, but I hope you like since most of them will make it onto this website at some point.

So I have to schedule and make priorities. Some things need to come up in priority, others down. But they all need to be scheduled so my very fun life has some organization to it.

My tool of choice is Excel. So far it has worked great as my scheduler. I thought about using some website for doing this but decided Excel would do the job. And the very nice new interface for Excel 2007 makes color-coding things SO much easier. I really like Word and Excel 2007. A lot.