Chrysostom's Epistle: Half Done

I have today and tomorrow off from work so I have a nice four day weekend. Other than some reading, most of what I’ve done today is work on Chrysostom’s epistle Τοις Εγκεκλεισμενοις Επισκοποις. I am now half-way through, though I think that will be all I do today. Today is a "class day" for me to work through Athenaze (I’m on ch 4) and I need to spend some time working on vocabulary. It has been a while since I’ve juggled 250 new words in my head at one time. And when I’m finished with this epistle I’m sure I’ll have added over a hundred more.

Last night I finished the biography of Constantine that I’ve been reading. I am planning on putting together a review sometime today, though it may wait till tomorrow.

Now, off to more studying!