Links of Greatness - September 2, 2008

Random interesting stuff for the day:

Latest Biblioblog Carnival. And thanks for the mention. Still waiting for the patristics carnival to come out.


  1. Google Chrome - The normal person side of me says "Yay, more choices!". The web developer side of me says "Dang, another browser I have to support. This needs to be really good or suck so badly that no one uses it."

Textual Criticism

  1. Review of Parker’s An Introduction to the New Testament Manuscripts and their Texts.


  1. Soon to the Web: Dead Sea Scrolls
  2. Dino Suits - I need one for Halloween. Either that or I’ll dress up as Bananaman.
  3. I have a feeling about how Wittgenstein would reply to Jim. Of course, I agree. Denying the existence of Jesus is nuts.
  4. Some tips on commentary writing.
  5. New Movie on Jesus. While he’s over there, it would just be easier for him to beat Sauron since he’s omnipotent.


  1. - Yes, with that much water I would have trouble paddling a canoe as well.