Anti-Marcionite Prologues and Latin Bibles

Today I was searching for the text of the anti-Marcionite prologues for books of the New Testament (surprisingly hard to find) and came upon some interesting things. In my never-ceasing quest to not be completely useless, here are the three things I found:

First, here is where I found the text of the anti-Marcionite prologues. I was specifically looking for the prologue to Mark, but this site has more. It even has Latin and Greek texts available. Awesome. I am so a fan of this guy now.

Second, a page devoted to the Old (older than the Vulgate) Latin manuscripts of the New Testament. This could come in useful.

Third, a really nice site about Codex Gigas. Everything about this is great except that it doesn’t give you links to decent resolution images of the manuscript. You have to use their viewer, which is mediocre. So, nice material, but they’re not as cool as CSNTM :)


Quixie 2008-09-23 09:24:11

If there are earlier translations into the Latin, then why is Jerome’s Vulgate lauded by the church as the first translation?

Just a passing thought.


Eric 2008-09-23 09:34:34

That’s odd. I’ve never heard the church claim that Jerome’s was the first Latin translation. It is quite well known historically that this is not the case. Perhaps this is just a misconception among the laity.

Quixie 2008-09-25 01:28:21

Yes . . . . it is in fact what I was formally taught as a child.

But that’s precisely my point; why IS the laity uninformed (intentionally)?

It’s fascinating.