Grantham Has Made Me Sad

I thought I was hot, but Grantham said I was pathetic. So now I am sad.

But that’s okay. I found something that will help me feel better. I bet it will help you too.


Esteban Vázquez 2009-01-29 08:14:04

OMG FAIL BLOG! You’ve made my day. I totally feel better. ;-)

I love the one where the jerk in the convertible honks at the old lady crossing the street and she hits his front bumper with her bag and makes his airbag go off. Ahahahahahaha!

Eric 2009-01-29 08:03:48

It is such a great site.

Chuck Grantham 2009-01-30 12:51:00

I can now pronunce you both profundly silly. You may exchange the kiss of peace and shake hands with joy buzzers.