New Series on HowMVCWorks

Time to get this new year started! Today I am starting a new series on on models, view models and related issues. I few weeks ago I asked for suggestions on tutorials and both @jasona and @samdelagarza suggested material around validation and model binding. This series will cover both topics and more. If anyone has suggestions or requests, please let me know.

It starts off with a discussion on whether you use your normal domain models for your views or if you create view-specific models. Following is a discussion that is foundational for others on the model binding process. The next two cover validation, the first discussing the basics of how it works and how to do manual validation, the second covering how to use the data annotations attributes to do validation of your view models.

I hope some of you enjoy the series. Next up will be further discussion of validation, messing with the model binding process and…who knows. I’ll probably also have a guest tutorial up in this series as well. Stay tuned.