Yet Another Redesign

It is that time of year again. Not, not Thanksgiving. That was last week. And not Christmas because that’s a few weeks from now. Of course it is International Blue Beanie day in support of web standards, but that’s not what I’m talking about. It’s blog redesign announcement day!

At least, that is, for me. Times change and designs get old. The layout was fine, I suppose. The colors are what eventually grated on me. Actually, soon after my last redesign I was tired of it. Not long after that I also moved to ASP.NET MVC as my web platform of choice and knew that another makeover was inevitable. And so here it is, arriving long after it should have.

Missing Features

Instead of waiting for it to be completely done, I decided to launch it as is. You should be able to browse to anything without major difficulty (though I have some improvements coming up for that.) I think the most important feature I am missing is the email alerts, so neither you nor I will get alerted when new comments are added, but that will change in a few days. Since working with ASP.NET MVC is a blast for me, I’m sufficiently motivated to add in the missing features that I need.

Strange Content

A number of content changes have been made and more are coming soon. If you see broken images and whatnot in the posts, know that I’m working through them. I changed a lot of the url structure and whatnot and some things needs to be updated. I’ve put in quite a bit of redirects and rewrites for old paths but I’m sure I have missed things.


And bugs. Of course there will be bugs, but I’m watching them. If you see any, of course, and email would be fine but not expected.

So it’s a new time for me here on the blog. I’m excited about writing again and look forward to conversations with you, my dear readers.