This weekend I had the pleasure of attending html5tx. It seems that fun times were had by all and for posterity’s sake, I figured I would jot down some notes here on the web.


So the conference was about Html 5 (surprise!), Css 3, Javascript and web design. A wide range of server-side technologies were favored by the speakers and participants which made the conference a lot more fun. The presentations were not for beginners per se but all that I attended were fairly introductory within their narrow topic…if that makes any sense. They also had some open spaces, which gave you a place to talk about topics of interest as well as a place to go if the scheduled presentations weren’t quite scratching your itch.

How Was It?

The conference was reasonably priced and executed very well. The parties were great, the conference shirts were comfortable, the venue worked out mostly well (the open spaces room was often too loud unfortunately) and things went smoothly. Almost all of the presenters that I listened to did very well though my favorite part was actually the conversations and connections made in the hallways and at the parties. And the beer was good too.

Would You Recommend It?

Yes. I don’t regret the 8 hours of driving. They were certainly worth the gain in new friends and information. So next year (if they have another one), if you find the topic interesting, consider going.


So I hung out with some interesting peeps. Hopefully this list is exhaustive (at least for those I managed to get a twitter handle from). No one I met was intentionally left off, so if we chatted and don’t see yourself here, please don’t take offense :)


Brandon Satrom 2011-10-11 10:26:01


Glad you made the trip, it was great to see you and to get a chance to hang out. Thanks for your post and your thoughts as well! See you next time I'm up that way!


Eric 2011-10-11 12:46:34

See you then!