Different Job, Same Employer

So this is weird for me and a little sad. I've had the same job for five years as of this last August but I'm changing today. This morning in fact. I am not, however, leaving Match. I will now be working under the able leadership of @shanehenderson on Match's mobile team.

There is a bit of secrecy about what I’m working on so I can’t be too explicit, but I’ll be working on a mobile project for one of our various properties here at Match (so you get to guess which out of the six potential web properties that might be). And it’s not going to be just a lame web app but one that takes advantage of the newer Html 5 and Css 3 capabilities on the better mobile browsers. So this will be a lot of fun. This also means that I’ll be blogging about this quite a bit in the future so if you are interested in Html 5, Css 3 and mobile, stay tuned.

The new app will be built using ASP.NET MVC 3, which means I’ll get to build a website from the ground up in this tech, which is something I’ve done plenty before but never as my full time job (finally). So this is going to be lots of fun. Being on the mobile team will also give me the chance to work on iOS and Android as well, which will be fun as well. I’ll also be getting a swanky new laptop, a Macbook Pro. Good times lie ahead. Now the question is, how many years will I stay at Match? Five years is apparently not enough. Hmmm…


folorunso 2011-09-16 08:36:40

Happy for you Eric. I can feel ur heartbeat. Many congrats! I will checking ur feed more often now. I'm getting ready for the about-to-explode mobile development landscape. So i look forward to ur posts .Kool !!

Eric 2011-10-03 10:03:38

Thanks! It is exciting and I will definitely be posting!