January Tech Talks

This month I have two technical talks, and in this case they are back-to-back tomorrow and Thursday. I didn't need to relax anyway...

The first talk, Wednesday night, will be for the North Dallas .NET User Group. The title of the talk is "What You Can Do Today with Html 5 and Css 3 on Mobile Devices" and is a code-focused talk with lots of demos. Unless you have been paying pretty close attention to the mobile web world, you will probably be surprised about what you can do out there and get away with. We're also giving away a brand new Kinect, so somebody is going to get really lucky. If you are coming and you own a tablet or smartphone with a decent browser, bring it.

On Thursday I'll be meeting with the Dallas C-Sharp SIG. I'll be giving a talk entitled "What Client-Side MV* Frameworks Can Do For You." This will be a very Javascript-heavy talk and should be particularly useful for those who finding themselves writing more and more Javascript (isn't that all of us?).

Both talks are for .NET user groups but the material in both are quite applicable generally. So if you're not all that interested in the .NET world but are in web development, you'll may find both interesting anyway. One of them will even involve some Node.js, but I won't spoil it and tell you which one :)

Hope to see a lot of you peeps there!