aspconf is next week. aspconf is a new thing, yet an old thing. Hang around and I'll tell you a bit about it. A few years ago we started c4mvc and there was much rejoicing. The video sharing time we spent was fruitful. People liked it and so did we.

But eventually a thought entered our collective noggins. "Lunchtime-ish virtual talks are totally cool but doing a full-day virtual conference on ASP.NET MVC would be the bomb." Well, at least it came to somebody's noggin. Anyway, our collective noggins agreed, and so we had mvcconf #1. And there was much rejoicing.

and there was much rejoicing

A year later there was mvcconf #2, because one mvcconf just wasn't enough to satisfy. You can still get the videos of all these presentations up on Channel 9. That material is still good so go take a look.

mvcconf logo

Enter 2012. We were talking about mvcconf #3 and decided to turn things up to 11. We wanted to branch out more which made the title kinda wrong. After chatting we decided on aspconf and so this new virtual conference was born. We also decided that one day of virtual meetings would be way too little work so we moved to two days of virtual meetings, and so you get aspconf.

aspconf logo

That's right, two days of full nerdity, delivered specifically for you over the tubes of the internet straight to the comfort of your home/office.

So how to enjoy the plethora of geekery? It is in the middle of a week, so most of you will be at work. Listen in during the sessions live if you wish. That's really best because you get to ask questions during. Maybe even get a conference room and watch as a group at work. But if you can't make sessions that you want to see, just wait a few days and we'll have the recorded videos uploaded to the internetz.

So "come" to aspconf. Watch talks on ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, Azure, Html5, responsive design, JavaScript, Single Page Apps, SignalR, testing, RavenDB, Web API, Visual Studio, jQuery, Fiddler and other topics. It will definitely be a hoot.