Mobile ASP.NET MVC 5 - Published!

Today marks the release of a book I have been working on for too long, Mobile ASP.NET MVC 5. Since it is now officially published, it’s high time I talk about it here on the blog. And if you want a copy, you can get it on Amazon or buy it on the Apress website. I recommend buying a copy for every coworker, friend and family member you have. It supports a good cause :) I also put up a website for the book that is still a work in progress. It has live samples for much of the book (and is very tied to the book so if you do not have a copy, the samples may not do you much good). I plan on putting any errata up there as well as important updates relevant to this first edition.

For the last two years I have led the mobile web team for and this book is the result of of both the good choices and the bad that we have made along the way (who can be right all the time?). The book starts with Responsive Web Design, discusses conditional rendering for devices, device and feature detection, touch programming, the state of HTML5 and CSS3 on mobile, third-party libraries and more. Its intention is to give you a broad understanding of the most important technologies and strategies for handling mobile generally but with a focus on doing it with ASP.NET MVC when applicable. Though other mobile books have come out since I started this work, mine is quite different in comparison. Though I doubt any of the ideas in the book are original to me, the combination and approach is as far as I can see. I hope many of you find this useful and I want to hear from you either way.

Working with the editors at Apress has been great. My technical reviewer, Brandon Satrom, was awesome to work with. Thank you. My boss, Shane Henderson, and my team at Match were very gracious to me in my distracted state as I worked on the book. Though I took as little vacation time as possible to work on it, the book was always a constant mental distraction for me. A project like this may not affect others as it does me but it has been both an honor and mental burden for me for quite some time. Now that it is done, I feel a lot more energized.

I started to love books back in high school. Eventually I thought to myself that it would be totally cool if I ever actually published a book. And now I have done it. I can check this off of my bucket list. I can now sit back and wait for the money to start rolling in because we all know that technical book authors get fabulously rich. Thanks to everyone who helped and encouraged along the way. I look forward to your feedback on it so I can make the second edition even better!

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