Discussion of Intertestamental History

For those who might be interested, at First Baptist Church of Parker this upcoming Sunday (January 1st of 2017), I’ll be starting a multi-week discussion of the intertestamental period. We have been working our way through a survey of the Old Testament for the last few months and will be continuing on with a survey of the New Testament soon. But there’s a roughly 400-year gap between the testaments and quite a bit of important stuff happened there that affects our understanding of the New Testament and early church history. It didn’t seem right to skip it!

What will we be discussing? Lots of fun stuff like Alexander the Great, the Apocrypha, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the LXX, and more. The general outline is as follows:

We are doing this survey in the morning Bible study hour that starts at 10:00, so come if it strikes your interest.

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