Moving on from The Iron Yard

I joined The Iron Yard as an instructor in March of last year and this trip has been quite a ride. The main reason I joined TIY was to become a better teacher and I have learned a ton in the process by interacting with other teachers and through constant practice. I could certainly be better but I have grown a lot.

But this needed to come to an end for me. Despite the large amount of PTO, the support from my excellent local campus staff, and the wonderful students that I had, the job was too exhausting. I decided to move on after this class was over and get back into software development. And then The Iron Yard announced the other day that they were closing all of their campuses. Mine will close in October. It is, indeed, time to move on.

Even though I know it is time to move on, I am going to miss teaching full-time. I seriously loved it. I interacted with a number of amazing people and learned a lot. I also worked with an absolutely wonderful campus staff. We worked ridiculously hard and did some great things. And I’ve had a bunch of great students that I look forward to seeing out in the Dallas tech scene. It was very rewarding to see people finish class and follow their dreams.

But it’s (almost) over. Time to polish up the résumé. Time to work on the portfolio. Time to start interviewing. Time to figure out what I’m going to do when I grow up. So, my friends, if you have an opportunity that you think I would be a good fit for, let me know! I will be looking for something to do at the end of October!

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