Some Node Videos on Youtube

For my students and for the fun of it, I’ve been putting up some YouTube videos. They are all to some degree targetting junior developers. I hope I generally did an okay job of not mixing in too much stuff from class that you would have to know to benefit from these. Just in case you would find them useful, here they are.

Setting up a website with authentication is actually pretty annoying. Passport makes it easier for Express but it’s still not fun. If you want to see someone walk through the process, watch this series of videos where I create the site and walk through the process of setting up local accounts with Express, Mongoose, and Passport.

I am currently in the process of making one series on creating a book list with Node, Express, and PostgreSQL. This one is all live-coded with no editing and is especially meant for those who have never used relational databases. I’m just getting started and it is going to take a while.

Everyone is using Mongoose with Node it seems. But in a video series I made a couple weeks ago, I walk through how to use the mongodb driver with Express to create a basic site.


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