Back to School, Sort Of

I miss school. I’ve had a fairly busy study schedule over the last few years, but often I have wanted more than that. Tutors have helped a good deal. For a while now I have been taking spoken ancient Greek and Latin classes from Seumas as well. Though I am pretty good about maintaining a good study schedule without them, tutors and classes do help with structure and are irreplacable for feedback.

I continue to wonder if I should just turn this energy and time into a degree. Since I am primarily doing this for personal development instead of professional course correction, the degree matters little at this point. But I would love to do some part time teaching, in which case a degree might help. Still thinking about this.

Last week I began attending classes with The Oxford Latinitas Project. I’m committing for the current session to the Intermediate Latin (Ørberg), the Intermediate Latin Reading (Propertius, Tacitus), and the Intermediate Greek classes. All of them are done conversationally in Latin or Greek. Combining that with the one hour Latin RPG class with Seumas, I get about seven hours of conversational language immersion weekly. That’s a good deal more conversational practice than I was getting. These are all non-credit courses, so they help me with my learning but don't move me any closer to something that people would consider an actual degree of some sort. But still, useful.

Picking up three new classes is a big change. Naturally, this shift has done quite a number (as they say) on my study habits and subjects. After all, I do actually try to prepare for classes. Ego sum optimus disciplus and βέλτιστος μαθητής. The time balancing act never ends. Of course I want more, but I will stick with this for now and see how my schedule looks after a few weeks.

In proximum.

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