Koineworks Diagramming

Every time I think about this project...memories. This was what kickstarted me into the world of programming. Kris was responsible for the business side of things, Jeremy the Flash bits, the installer and anything that was truly difficult technically, and I the Authorware bits, the Greek and the instructional materials. So what did we create?

Koineworks Diagramming logo

A number of years ago we decided to stop selling it and shut down the company. I know some people still use this so, if you want it, here it is. If you find it valuable, shoot me an email. I always like to hear how my baby is helping people. This should run on Windows XP all the way up to Windows 8.

Download the KoineWorks Program

Download the Intermediate Guide to Greek Diagramming

Maybe one day I will recreate this. Today’s smartphones and tablets would work great with the app and the app stores would provide a fantastic delivery mechanism. People used to have to buy a CD in a store to get it...weird...