Daily News

Though it was in many ways a rather uneventful day, it still seems to have gone quickly.

Tonight I met with my partner in Lexel Software, Kris Pate, and we discussed the SBL trip over hot wings at the local Lone Star Wings establishment. Enjoyed it. Most of the discussion centered around details of the NET GEMS project.

And on a completely unrelated note...I am a full time employee of a company called RealPage. We do web development using Sql Server 2000 and C# for managing multi-family housing. My group is looking for two .NET programmers. If you live in the Dallas area, have a little experience, have skills in Sql Server 2000 and C#/.NET, and need a job, send me an email. And yes, I want you to do this. I get a referral bonus if someone I refer gets hired...


Anonymous 2004-11-30 11:12:00

RealPage is the MOST unprofessional company of all times. The pay is cheap, the managers are jerks. Low class white trash. Possible new hires beware! Ask around. Look hard before you leap. It’s an aweful place to work. Don’t even consider it.

Eric Sowell 2004-11-30 11:26:00


I don’t work there anymore. I don’t think it is quite as bad as you’re making it out to be. I’ve worked at more unprofessional. Yes, some of the managers can be jerks. No, they’re not mostly low class white trash.

However, new hires should be cautious. It does have some negatives. It is better than one place I’ve worked, but not as good as the other. So it really depends on where you are coming from.