Sophocles, Oh Sophocles

I got an early Christmas present the other day from two of my Greek students, Edward and Nina. Looking at the package I could tell that it was probably a book, which is, of course, excellent. I opened it and saw that they had given me this:

Of course, I think "Cool, a very nicely bound English translation of Sophocles. And it even has a really nice case." Wrong. I opened it and find this:

Of course, now I’m really digging this. Apparently its an edition of the Greek text. Wrong again. It’s better. It’s a diglot!

And it has a pretty nice Greek font. Here’s a close-up:

Here’s the inside cover, just in case you want to track one down for yourself:

It’s got lots of nice pics inside as well. Like


Thanks, Edward and Nina. Very nice gift!


R. Mansfield 2005-12-21 07:24:00

Eric, what a wonderful looking book! I can’t quite make out the city under Heritage Press. Do you mind letting me know where they are located? Evidently, from a quick google search, there are quite a few Heritage Presses. I may have found the book on Amazon, but if so, it’s no longer in print.

I have a great interest in building a library of Greek classics. I’ve been considering going the route of the Loeb Classic Library since they, too, have the original texts. In fact, I recently got the first in the series, Argonautica by Apollonius Rhodius. But I was disappointed in the English translation.

Therefore, I’m interested in this Heritage press to see if they offer a selection anywhere near that of Loeb.

Congratulations on such a nice gift!

Eric Sowell 2005-12-22 06:58:00

Thanks. I’ll get that for you when I go home tonight.

R. Mansfield 2005-12-22 10:59:00

Eric, don’t forget to give me the city for Heritage Press, when you get a chance. Thanks!

Eric Sowell 2005-12-23 05:57:00

Sorry about the wait.

Norwalk, Connecticut.