Anything Interesting in the Blogosphere?

I hope not. SharpReader crashed a couple weeks ago and won’t recover for me, so I’ve lost all my feeds and haven’t taken the time to rebuild them yet. I’ll probably start that tomorrow.

If there is anything out there that anyone things I need to see, like something where you pointed to one of my posts and said "What a complete moron", or you posted something in the hope that I would read it so you would gain my respect for your witty and intelligent musings (unlikely that you care about my opinion, I know), please send me an email or something.

Moral of this sad story: export your feeds to an opml file frequently.


Jim 2005-05-22 03:08:00

This will sound radically old fashioned and so I apologize for it in advance- but, perhaps, you could click on the blog links you have on your page and read them.... ;-)

Best as ever!

Eric Sowell 2005-05-22 08:28:00

Haha. VERY funny, Jim.